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SAP MaxDB is an enterprise database, it provides the following


SAP MaxDB started at the Technische Universitat in Berlin, Germany, in 1977 as a joint project of Nixdorf Computer AG and the TU Berlin. The original name was Verteilte Datenbanksysteme Nixdorf (VDN), this then it evolved into Relationales Databanksystem (RDS) to REFLEX to DDB/4. From 1989 it was outsourced to SQL Datenbanksysteme GmbH. In the 1992 the name became as ADABAS D. In 1994 the database was used for SAP R/3. In 1997 SAP AG was responsible for the database and its initial marketing under the name ADABAS for R/3 and then SAP DB. Ever since SAP has maintained the database, from version 7.5 on the name changed to MaxDB.

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There are many features in SAP MaxDB

Easy configurability Managing SAP MaxDB is very easy, using a very easy GUI client all of the day to day admin tasks can be accomplished
No permanent monitoring The main screen of the GUI tool displays all the essential information, thus it can be viewed at a glance.
Independent, proactive management of data and logs areas The data and the logs areas are managed independently and space can be added or taken away dynamically
Statistics updates Up to date statistics are ready available that the optimizer will use to archive maximum performance
No reorganization The database uses a shadow storage mechanism, thus the data is reorganized automatic to obtain the best performance
24/7 operation There is no need to schedule downtime for backups, consistency checks, etc these can all be performed online
Large datasets There are no restrictions on memory limits, and it can handle databases up to 32 terabytes in size
Automatic load balancing All data and log areas are automatically load balanced

SAP MaxDB can be used on a number of operating systems both in 32bit and 64bit modes

SAP MaxDB uses the following version numbers, for an example means

From version 7.6 it changed to the following 7.6.01 BUILD 020-123-115-206

There are two SQL modes that SAP MaxDB supports, this means what the database understands and interprets different SQL dialects.

The database also offers various ways in which you can interface with it


SAP MaxDB is primary used when running a SAP application environment as a typical Online Transaction Processing database (OLTP), there is however no reason not to use it as a standalone database, it is especially ideal for small to medium size companies.

SAP Maxdb can also be used in the area of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), this differs from OLTP where it is a more read intense database. Models such as star schema and snowflake schemas can be used, thus increasing maximum performance.

SAP MaxDB also offers object-oriented storage techniques, this is via the SAP SCM Live-Cache application, here data is kept in main memory and thus enables maximum performance for data access.

Below are a number of useful links to help you understand, implement and decide if SAP MaxDB is right for you.

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You can download the various versions below

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