Perl Programming

I have been using Perl for over 15 years but as I am not a Perl developer I do forget a lot of the syntax especially when I have not used it for a while, so I have create a simple guide to detail all the basic and common functions that I use, I also use the guide when I want to freshen up my skills when I am going for interviews. Many of the web pages are simple guides on how to use the syntax or function, if you require very detailed information I point to the Perl Documentation.

The site has been comprised of reading the following books and real world experience, if you are new to Perl Programming I highly recommend that you should purchase these books (or better, obtain the latest versions) as they contain far more information than this web site contains and of course the Perl web site contains all the documentation you will ever need plus the latest version of Perl and any Perl modules that you may require.

Please feel free to email me any constructive criticism you have with the site as any additional Perl knowledge or mistakes that I have made would be most welcomed.

Perl Language

Perl Basics
  Getting Started
  Basic Operators and Control Flow (if, if-else, while and until)
  Understanding Scalar Values (integer, character, floating-point)
  More Perl Operators
  Pattern Matching
  More Control Structures (single-line conditional statements, looping, goto)
  Using Subroutines
  Formatting Output
  Process, String and Mathematical Functions
  Scalar Conversion Functions

Perl Arrays
  Lists and Array Variables
  Associative Arrays (Linked Lists, Structures, Trees)
  List and Array Manipulation Functions (Arrays, Associative Arrays)

Perl Working within the O/S
  Reading and Writing to Files
  Working with the Filesystem
  Command Line Arguments
  Opening Pipes

Command-Line Options
  Command-Line Options

System Functions
  System Library Emulation Functions
  Socket-Manipulation Functions
  Unix system V IPC Functions

System Variables
  System Variables

Perl References

Perl Advanced Features
  Object-Oriented Programming
  Miscellaneous Features (require, $#array, __LINE__, delimiters, system commands)
  Perl Debugger

Cheat Sheets
  System Variables Cheat Sheet (Contains commandline options)

Perl Books
Sam's Publishing - Teach yourself Perl 5 in 21 Days (2nd Edition) Although this is a old book ( 12 years old now) i still reference this book alot, it's a great introduction book if you are new to Perl.
O'Reilly - Advanced Perl Programming This book has advanced topics such as object-oriented programming, complex data structures, networking. Make sure you have a good experience of Perl before using this book
O'Reilly - Perl Cookbook I am a big fan of cookbook's, they have lots of recipes for most types of problems and even if they don't have an solution to a problem you will always find something to help you out even if you have to play around with the code alittle