JBoss AS 5

The following documentation is a guide on how to install, configure and administer the JBoss AS 5 server. You can also obtain more information regarding some of the topics that will be discussed JSP and Servlets, I also have discussed Java.

Learning Tomcat will help in learning JBoss, so take a look at Tomcat for a more detailed explanation on some of the topics that are discussed below.

The site has been comprised of reading the following books and real world experience, if you are new to JBoss I highly recommend that you should purchase this book as it contains far more information than this web site contains and of course the Official JBoss web site contains all the documentation you will ever need.

Please feel free to email me any constructive criticism you have with the site as any additional knowledge or mistakes that I have made would be most welcomed.

JBoss Application Server
  Introduction to JBoss
  JBoss Microcontainer
  Understanding JMX

  Installing JBoss
  JBoss Directory Structure
  Server Configurations
  JBoss Boot Sequence
  Starting and Stopping JBoss
  System Properties

Deploying Applications
  Understanding Deployment
  Application Packages
  Class Loading
  Deploying Miscellaneous Applications
  Deploying a Hibernate Archive

Securing Applications
  Understanding Security
  JBoss SX Framework
  Logging Additional Security
  Secure Communications
  Configuring an SSL-aware Security Domain
  Configuring Login Modules

Configuring Web Server
  Configuring Web Applications
  Deployment Descriptor Files
  Key Files and Directories
  Virtual Hosts
  Configuring Connectors
  Using Valves

Securing Web Applications
  Securing Web Applications
  Security in web.xml
  Authentication Strategies
  Authorizing Users
  Encrypting Web Communications

Configuring Enterprise Applications
  Session Beans
  Hibernate and JPA Introduction
  Enterprise Packaging
  EJB Configuration
  Configuring Session Beans
  Configuring EJB Containers
  Entity Persistence
  Creating JMX Service Objects
  Transport Protocol
  Securing EJBs
  Securing EJB Communication

JBoss Messaging
  JBoss Messaging Introduction
  JBoss Messaging Architecture
  JMS Application
  Message-Driven Bean (MDB)
  Message-Driven POJO
  JBoss Messaging

Configuring Web Services
  Configuring Web Services
  Developing a Web Service
  Bottom-Up Approach
  Top-Down Approach
  Creating the Client
  JBoss Annotations - @WebContext, @EndpointConfig and @Security-Domain
  Securing a Web Service
  Encrypting a SOAP Message

JBoss Clustering
  Clustering Technology
  Load Balancing
  Cluster Topology
  Setting up a JBoss Cluster
  JBoss Cluster Architecture
  JBoss Cache

Clustering Services
  HTTP Load Balancing
  HTTP Session Replication
  Cluster Session EJBs
  Clustering Entites
  Clustering JNDI

JBoss Tuning
  Hardware Tuning
  JVM Tuning
  JBoss Tuning

JBoss in Production
  Running Multiple Instances
  Unwanted Services
  JSP Compilation

  The official JBoss web site


JBoss AS Books
JBoss in Action - Javid Jamae and Peter Johnson It took me a couple of reads to grasp this book, sometimes I did get completely lost, it does help if you download JBoss and play around with it. The book itself is very modular which means you can pick a chapter and just learn about that particular subject without reading any other chapters. It covers the basics of JBoss without going into to much detail which is ideal for a beginner like me.
JBoss at Work - Tom Marrs and Scott Davis Although for version 4 its a good starting point if you are new to JBoss (like me). The administration side is light but you have plenty of web application examples, so it compliments the book above
Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 - Bill Burke and Richard Monson-Haefel This is mainly a EJB book but does use JBoss for its examples, so you can pick up some information on JBoss, again this compliments the JBoss in action book.