Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)

The following documentation is a guide on how to install, configure and administer Oracle 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC). Some of the topics that I will be discussing have already been covered in my Oracle topic.

The site has been comprised of reading the following books and real world experience, if you are new to Oracle RAC I highly recommend that you should purchase these books as it contains far more information than this web site contains and of course the Official Oracle web site contains all the documentation you will ever need.

Please feel free to email me any constructive criticism you have with the site as any additional knowledge or mistakes that I have made would be most welcomed.

HA, Clustering and OPS
  High Availiblity
  Oracle RAC History
  Oracle Parallel Server Architecture

RAC Architecture
  RAC Architecture Introduction
  RAC Components
  Disk Architecture
  Oracle Clusterware
  Oracle Kernel Components
  RAC Background Processes

RAC Installation, Configuration and Storage
  RAC Installation

RAC Administration and Management
  RAC Parameters
  Stopping and Starting Instances
  Undo Management
  Temporary Tablespace
  Redo Logs
  SRVCTL command
  CRS (Cluster Ready Services)
  OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry)
  Voting Disk

RAC Backup and Recovery
  Backup Basics
  Instance Recovery
  Crash Recovery
  Cache Fusion Recovery

RAC Performance
  RAC Performance
  Partitioning Workload
  Wait Events
  Enqueue Tuning
  AWR and RAC

Global Resource Drectory (GRD)
  GRD introduction
  Cache Coherency
  Resources and Enqueues
  Global Enqueue Services (GES)
  Global Locks
  Global Cache Services (GCS)

Cache Fusion
  Past Images
  Cache Fusion I
  Cache Fusion II
  Cache Fusion in Operation

RAC Troubleshooting
  Lamport Algorithm
  Enable or Disable RAC
  Performance Issues
  Debugging Node Eviction
  Debugging CRS and GRD

Adding and Removing nodes
  adding and removing nodes

RAC Cheatsheet


  The official Oracle web site


Oracle RAC Books
Oracle 10g Real Application Clusters Handbook Although this book is lightweight compared to other Oracle books, it has enough detail to give you what you need to manage RAC, however i did have to consult the web in order to obtain more detailed information and to clarify certain points.
Oracle 10g High Availability with Rac, Flashback and Data Guard This book had small section on RAC and helped clarify some of the points in the above book